Here at PHW, we do our best to work around your workforce so that their CPD doesn't manage to get in the way of their daily work load.  We assist with achieving such qualifications as:
                                         Retail -
                                          Customer Service -
NVQs in Customer Service range from level 1 to level 4 and are aimed at individuals working in, or seeking to work in, a variety of customer service settings. These may include the hospitality industry, medical reception,  front-of-house settings in business and banking, or non face-to-face areas such as call centres. The customer service sector is exciting, full of interest and provides challenge and reward for all who work in it.
NVQ Level 1 in Customer Service
NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service
NVQ Level 3 in Customer Service
NVQ Level 4 in Customer Service

'Qualification through Competence'