National / Scottish Vocational Qualifications (N/SVQs)

NVQs (SVQs in Scotland) are practical work-based qualifications that are recognised by employers and colleges throughout the UK. They are awarded to people who have proved their skill, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of their job. These qualifications demonstrate an individual's occupational competence in their job role.

Here at PHW, we do our best to work around your workforce so that their CPD doesn't manage to get in the way of their daily work load.  We assist with achieving such N/SVQ qualifications as:

Carry & Deliver Goods (CDG), available at Level 2.

Driving Goods Vehicles (DGV), available at Levels 2 & 3.

Warehousing and Storage (W&S), available at Levels 1 & 2

Mail Services (MS), available at Level 2. (NVQ only)

Traffic Office (TO), available at Levels 2 & 3.


Traffic Office is for candidates involved with planning and organising the land transport and movement of goods. At Level 2 the candidate has to exhibit the ability to contribute to effective working relations and ensure health and safety procedures are observed in addition to job specific functions such as customer service, planning, routing and the scheduling of deliveries. At Level 3, the candidate takes forward these skills by forging effective relationships with colleagues and customers, planning the allocation of resources required for specific tasks and monitoring the delivery of goods.


Logistics Operations Management (LOM), available at Level 3

Supply Chain Management (SCM), available at Level 2, 3, 4 & 5

'Qualification through Competence'